Germplasm Enhancement of Maize

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GEM Germplasm Releases

GEM Germplasm Releases and Key Traits (Click here to download the file in MS Excel format)

Corn images for GEM Released Lines: We provide some corn images for certain GEM recommended lines. There are 3 images for each line, which includes the image of corn ears, cross section of corn ears, and corn kernels, along with some data.

GEM project and the Iowa State University Doubled Haploid Facility have collaborated to develop and release over two hundred lines, called BGEM releases. Here is the announcement.

A list of released BGEM lines are available here in the MS Excel format.

Corn Images of Released BGEM Lines: Be patient during the downloading due to the numbers of the images. If you need much higher resolution of these BGEM images, please contact GEM webmaster.


If you need more information, please send a request to the GEM webmaster.

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